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   Since its inception in 1983, PATINA METALWEAR has earned an enviable reputaion world-wide for excellence in workmanship and originality of design. In the Autumn of 2007. Michelle deVuyst became Patina Metalwear's new owner. The company has since been based in Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA. Michelle is excited to take on some of the existing designs and is developing new and creative designs for a more modern and contemporary look.

Patina Metalwear's quality eye-catching designs historically sold and still sell at the best boutiques, galleries and mail-order catalogues throughout North America, and continue to be Hand-Made in Canada. Michelle mastered the art of hand crafting creations of the original designs in an apprenticeship in Toronto where the company was originally based.

Patina Metalwear, a forerunner in anodized aluminum jewellery with unsurpassed customer service, presents sophisticated as well as energetic yet playful creations. They range through eyeglass holders, lanyards, earrigs, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and, of course, the world famous Patina Metalwear wrist watches.

Patina Metalwear designs are made of wonderfully colourful and light to wear anodized aluminum. When aluminum anodizing was first introduced to the alternative jewellery scene in the early 1980s, the traditional bright colours: white, black, fuschia, turquoise and chrome yellow were predominant.

3 Stack WatchesNow, in addition to those brights, Patina Metalwear has developed a range of more subdued and rich colours like copper, lime green, smokey teal, coral, dusty rose, mocha, mint, sage, brown, red, steel blue, plum, olive green, navy, purple, orange and many more.

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Susan Madey,
Patina Metalwear eyeglass holder wearer and store owner, Long Island, New York

Eyeglass holderI have loved my Patina jewellery for 15 years. I have several earrings and they are my absolute favourites. They are so easy to wear, they seem to go with everything and people comment on them every time I wear them.

Sheila MacDonald,
Patina Metalwear jewellery wearer, Toronto, Ontario

I received my Patina watch as a present a couple of years ago and I just love it. Everywhere I go people notice it and compliment me on it. On top of that it is very comfortable to wear and never gets caught on stuff.

Lotte Radoor,
Patina Metalwear watch wearer, Marlton, New Jersey
WristwatchMy Patina eyeglass holders are my favourite piece of jewellery. I do not get dressed without them. I used to hate wearing my glasses all the time to read menus in restaurants but now I dont mind because I can wear a beautiful eyeglass holder which looks like a necklace. I get so many people asking me where they can buy one like mine that I swear I could sell one a day right off my own neck.

Debbie Stuart
Patina Metalwear eyeglass holder wearer, San Francisco, California

I tell everyone who comments on my Patina eyeglass holders how I came to own a pair and then sell them in my shop. I tried wearing another brand of holders, the pearl and chain style, and they aged me at least 10 years. So now I wear only the Patina holders because I am told they dont age me, they accentuate me. I got so many comments on the Patina designs I knew I could easily sell them to my customers. Sometimes I think I could even sell the ones around my neck whenever I am out in public.

Lynn Pletscher,
Patina Metalwear eyeglass holder wearer and store owner, Idaho Falls, Idaho

I was tired of looking for my glasses 3 hours a day so I bought one of those plain cords from the drugstore. My kids made fun of me saying I looked old and un-cool. So, I found the perfect eyeglass holder made by Patina Metalwear. It looks like a necklace and someone tells me every day how great it looks and best of all my kids have stopped teasing me. Im cool again.


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