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Eyeglass Holders

eyeglass leashesEyeglass Holders, among the most popular Patina Metalwear items, are for women who continually remove and lose their reading glasses.

The two different styles of eyeglass holders replace the traditional chains with functional yet imaginative designs. The first style is worn around the neck, attached with an adjustable rubber ring to each arm (temple) of the glasses. The newer loop style is worn like a necklace and the folded glasses hang with one arm through the loop like a pendant.

Patina receives daily praise for making such a cool accessory which makes the wearer feel so much better about having to wear glasses to read.

One thing that the wearers of Patina eyeglass holders always say is, I get so many compliments every time I wear it and everyone wants to know where to get one.

For our 2009 Eyeglass Holder Catalogue click below:

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wristwatcheswristwatchesDynamic, yet light to wear, Patina Metalwear wristwatches attract comment whenever they are worn.


With dials, hand-painted by Michelle and her staff, set in cases made exclusively for Patina Metalwear in Switzerland, a movement in a watch face is then installed by a professional watchmaker.


Michelle personally chose the watch faces that she uses and combines discrete colour combinations to make each watch truly unique. No two are ever the same.


All authentic Patina Metalwear watches bear our name on the back of each case. Every watch carries a one year unconditional warantee.

The standard quartz movement runs on a regular watch battery which can be changed easily like any battery-run watch at any local watchmaker's shop.

For our 2009 Wristwatch Catalogue click below:

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Since so many women have to wear swipe cards, badges with personal identification to work and often carry keys at work. The new Patina Metalwear Lanyard helps them to do it with style.
Featuring the same eye catching aluminum shapes and beads, the Lanyard is worn around the neck and attaches to any card or key ring.
If a cord or chain style Lanyard must be worn around the neck at work, it should be chosen by the wearer to complement clothing and style. One should always say NO to the neon shoelaces or dull black unattractive fabric tapes provided by employers.

OHSA Canada (Occupational Health and Safety Association) has recently required that all Lanyards be 'break-away' to protect the wearer should the Lanyard be grasped by another person or caught in any sort of machinery on the job. All of Patina Metalwear's Lanyards are now made with magnetic clasps, which pull open fairly easily, to prevent this sort of injury.

For our 2009 Lanyard Catalogue click below:

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Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces

Bracelets and Earringsbracelets

Since aluminum is so light-weight it makes great earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well as our watches, lanyards and eyeglass holders.
Many women count their Patina jewellery collection as their favorite because it is so easy to wear and goes with everything.

The earrings come in a drop style with a sterling silver hook or a niobium-titanium alloy (niobium makes the titanium harder than on its own) hook. The an on-the-ear style with a surgical steel post (stud) and earring back is also part of our repertoire.


Our unique bracelets and necklaces are constructed with rubber rings connecting the aluminum shapes or with lengths of rubber running through these shapes. Bracelets can easily be stretched to slip over the hand. Our necklaces have either a hook and ring closure, a magnetic clasp or a lobster claw and ring for easy application. Light-weight attractive bracelets and necklaces from Patina Metalwear complete any ensemble.

For our 2009 Earrings Catalogue click below:

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